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Nicole helps out with The Good Mood Food campaign12-Aug-2020

Hort Innovation is Australia's Research and Development organisation representing the horticulture industry- the people who grow our fresh produce.. Read more

Nicole appears on My Market Kitchen on channel 1029-Mar-2017

My Market Kitchen is great cooking show on channel 10. I had the opportunity to film some short recipe advertorial segments for well known nutriti.. Read more

Nicole helps Health Star Rating go social07-Mar-2017

The Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) chose Nicole to represent them on the Health Star Rating (HSR) Social Media Advisory Group. This gro.. Read more

Nicole helps NSW 'Make Healthy Normal'15-Jun-2015

The NSW Department of Health chose Professional Nutrition Services to write the digital nutrition content for its new Make Healthy Normal campaign.. Read more

Catalyst misses the mark on low-carb diets17-Nov-2014

After upsetting the entire nutrition community in their terribly biased and irresponsible story on cholesterol, dietary fat and heart disease and .. Read more

Front of pack labelling: seeing stars15-Aug-2013

After much to-ing and fro-ing about which kind of Front Of Pack Labelling (FOPL) system will work the best and be the most politically palatable, .. Read more

Claim to fame08-Aug-2013

After a ten-year wait, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand have finally gazetted Standard 1.2.7 Nutrition & Health Related Claims. This i.. Read more

New dietary guidelines01-Aug-2013

The Department of Health and National Health & Medical Research Council have published the new Dietary Guidelines for Australians as well as n.. Read more