Most people unaware of their high cholesterol
Hear my interview with John Scott from 4BC (Brisbane) about the millions of Australians who haven’t a clue they have high cholesterol, why it’s important to get it down, and some of the myths about high cholesterol (including the old butter vs marg issue). Listen to interview

Is skinny always healthy?
Your health is more than your weight. You can be healthy at any size if you eat well and stay active. There is no need to skip meat to be healthy, but it is important to make lean meat the side show rather than the main event on your plate. Hear my interview with John Scott from 4BC (Brisbane) about thin vs overweight for health, and vegetarianism on 4BC Listen to interview

Baby cakes
There is a new freedom around introducing solids to babies after a review of the evidence and new advice from the National Health & Medical Research Council (NH&MRC). Read my interview on introducing solid foods to babies with Paula Goodyer from the Sydney Morning Herald here Read interview

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Recording an advertorial for morning TV The Morning Show for Belly Busting On Sunrise talking about Food Myths

The Today Show talking Belly Busting ABC Studio Canberra talking Belly Busting Talking food sustainability at 3AW Melbourne