Nicole helps out with The Good Mood Food campaign


Hort Innovation is Australia's Research and Development organisation representing the horticulture industry- the people who grow our fresh produce. Hort Innovation developed a campaign to promote the mental health benefits of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and nuts called The Good Mood Food. In the throes of a pandemic, the message that eating more fresh produce can help us all feel better resonated with consumers. The TV advertisement was funny too; it featured how everyday frustrations can bring out our worst behaviour and suggested that eating fresh produce can make us nicer people in the face of adversity. What a great proposition! The aim of the campaign was to promote produce sales at a time when the restaurant and catering trade were buying less due to declines in patronage as a result of health restrictions. As part of a small group of dietitians, Nicole went about developing consumer messages and scientific substantiation for the campaign behind the scenes. It was weeks of trawling scientific journals and translating the findings into information everyone can understand and could be used on the website. This translational communication work is something Nicole is good at. And it's always a pleasure working to promote such nutritious core foods; a dream gig!


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