Nicole helps NSW 'Make Healthy Normal'


The NSW Department of Health chose Professional Nutrition Services to write the digital nutrition content for its new Make Healthy Normal campaign. Principal consultant and Accredited Practising Dietitian Nicole Senior was delighted to take on the gig of creating simple, balanced, sensible and motivating nutrition information to drive positive behaviour change among the people of New South Wales. 

"I think the whole concept behind the campaign is excellent and it’s great to see the state government investing in this type of social marketing campaign. We seem to have reached a stage where poor food choices are too easy and far too common. We need a nudge to get back on the right track and this campaign aims to do just that", said Ms Senior.

NSW Health describes Make Healthy Normal as a bold new behaviour change campaign to generate a community wide conversation about how overweight and obesity became such a problem, and what we can do to get our lives back on track. It works on the principle that small changes to how we live our lives can make a big difference to our overall health. By gradually increasing the number of healthy choices we make every day, we will be healthier, and have increased quality of life and reduced risk of chronic diseases. The campaign encourages people to start with small, manageable steps that will build up over time and improve a person’s health and wellbeing. The first phase of the campaign will run across above the line channels, including television, radio, social and digital.

You can check out the nutrition content and much more at the campaign website at


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