Front of pack labelling: seeing stars


After much to-ing and fro-ing about which kind of Front Of Pack Labelling (FOPL) system will work the best and be the most politically palatable, The Legislative and Governance Forum on Food Regulation have proposed a star rating system. Read more here

I’m pleased a traffic light labelling system has been ruled out; sure it’s simple but food is complex and such a system throws a whole lot of babies out with the bathwater. The nutrient criteria upon which it is based is flawed. Any system that makes nuts and healthy oils a “red” food is a real problem because they contain healthy fats we need for good health. Unfortunately research to date has shown FOPL systems are not effective in improving food choices and public health anyway. We support the long established system of the Heart Foundation Tick that identifies healthier choices within a food category based on sensible and evidence-based nutrient criteria. Read more about the Tick here

It looks like we’ll be getting a star rating system anyway so if you need help improving your products’ rating or educate about it, we can help.


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